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About Us

Salman auto

It is one of the Salman Group companies, and an extension of the success of Salman Industrial Solutions, which was established in 2012.

Salman Auto is the exclusive agent for Dayun electric cars.. It provides all models of Dayun cars with a 5-year warranty.. It also provides all brands of other electric cars such as: Volkswagen, BMW, BYD, Honda, GEELY and others

Salman Auto is not just an electric car showroom, but provides maintenance services for all electric cars.

One of the reasons for the distinction of maintenance services for electric cars is that Salman Industrial Solutions - a subsidiary of Salman Group - is the exclusive agent for inverters and integrated motors in the industrial field, solar energy and elevators..

We support the trend towards clean alternatives and renewable energy

Our mission

Providing the highest level of service and technical support to our customers to gain confidence and support the culture of dealing with electric cars, so that our company has the best technical support and after-sales service in Egypt.

Our Vision

It supports the trend towards clean alternatives and renewable energy

Our goal

The company supports the best advanced methods of electric charging and provides the latest modern equipment, including chargers and connectors, while providing installation service in the best way, taking into account safety standards.